Friday, August 29, 2008

Life is returning to normal

Last week we (Jody, Didi and I) went to my parents for a family reunion on my mom's side. My parents live in Oregon so it is a 2.5 day drive each way. And due to work commitments we could only be gone about 8 days. So 5 days of driving for 3 days of visiting... It was a killer trip.

However, we did get to see some things we had not seen before and also got to catch up with people we hardly ever see. So that was good. (Uncle Steve, thanks for trusting me with driving the new toy. I was super nervous driving it)

Took a couple of days to get settled after getting home, but I think we are about there. Didi goes home in under a week :( , so we are doing a few last things with her and then she will be gone.

I'll be posting pictures soon...

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Steve said...

Kevin - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't nervous at all. Maybe I had more fun than you did watching your reaction after you mashed the go pedal.