Saturday, September 27, 2008

Super Fun Day

When you live out away from the city, sometimes you need to have a shopping day. That was today for us. So Kevin and I headed out......

First we went to Kohl's. We picked up a few things and when we went to the register, the cashier was talking and we said we had this 30% off coupon at home, but it didn't start till Oct 1. I said, unfortunately we live too far away and we wouldn't be able to use it in the time frame of the sale. So she called her manager and they honored the discount anyway! Awesome! What a great start.

Then we stopped off at Target. I really like Target, but the closest one is over an hour from home :(

Next we headed for lunch...we ate at Hacienda Colorado, (see old post), we hadn't been there since May. YUM!!!

Next we went to TJ Max's Home Goods Store, this is a fun store if you have any nearby. They have all kinds of decorating accessories at VERY good prices. I wish we had our house more put together so I knew exactly what I was looking for. Ahhh, well now I just have to go back :)

Then we went to Office Max, because I was looking for new larger monitor. I wanted something that I can hook to my laptop, but had a really good resolution and large enough that I could look at two documents side by side. I also thought it would be really helpful when do my monitoring of faculty for work. I also have some tech money at work, that I can turn this in for and get reimbursed. I found a 24" monitor, and it had a $50 instant rebate on it....well it didn't ring up with the rebate, because their signage was old, but they gave it to us anyway...Score!

Next was the Omaha Steak store. I had this coupon for a huge combo of was originally $180 and I could get it for only $60....but it was supposed to be mailed in. So we went to the store and I asked if I could use it at the store and they said "yes". In fact they let me trade out some stuff, for other products. I also got some free steak burgers (yuck to me, but yummy to others), and a set of knives for free also.

As if that wasn't enough shopping, we decided to hit up Sam's and Costco also. I know it is a lot...but remember we have to drive a minimum of 1.5-2 hours one way to get to these stores you have to make the drive count, and we only go every 8-10 weeks, so we try to stock up on the essentials.

So you would think the car is full and we were tired. You are right! But, one more stop for us....Kevin had a gift card at Ultimate Electronics. The gift card was worth quite a bit (a little over $300), and we do need some sound system items for our house...but Ultimate does not carry what we (I really mean Kevin) want. We had looked several times and no luck. So we had talked to my parents and they wanted a surround system, but nothing too fancy, but they didn't know what to pick out. So we bought them one today with the gift card, and then they will give us the $$ to put down on the one that we (again I mean Kevin) want.

To put the new surround system in the car, we actually had to take things out and move stuff around, to make room, and stuff the backseat full.

It was actually a really nice day. The weather was was good to be out and about, do some walking in the big stores, have some time alone, a good lunch, good company, great service at all the stores we were at

When we got home, we carried things in, put stuff away...then we had my brother and sister-in-law over for dinner. Nothing too exciting we just BBQ'd some burgers and franks...but it was a good end to the day. Now I am tired, so I think I will head off to maybe read the novel I have been wanting to read.....

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