Sunday, September 28, 2008

I think I broke it....

My toe that is:

I guess that is what happens when you drop an end table on it from about 4 feet high. Yeah, I didn't mean to do that. We were moving some more furniture of my parents today, working on getting everything in place. I actually worked at moving furniture for about 30 min after I dropped the table on my toe...but once I took my shoe off, I knew it was really broke. Sigh...can't even call in sick tomorrow....I don't type with my toes :)


Well this morning it was even more purple and swollen, so Kevin and my parents said I should go to the doctor and have them check it out. The Doc did have me get an X-Ray, just in case I had broken it near a joint or broke any other bones on my foot. He also gave me a fancy boot to wear for support. So the final word is that the toe is broken, the big bone at the top of the toe above the knuckle….that is actually good news, since now I just wear the boot, elevate and ice, and wait for it to heal. The other scenario I am sure would not have been as nice.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes…..US, I love the idea of having a bell, but Kevin already nixed that :(


April said...

OHMYGOSH, Jody! OUCH. I hope your toe heals quickly. I broke a toe once and it hurts!

Make Kevin take care of you and you keep your foot elevated.

Holly said...

Ice and elevation! I'd call in today, anyway. No sense in working while experiencing intense pain. Right? Hope all ten toes are back to normal soon!

Steve said...

Why don't you email yourself and ask for a sick day? Working from home should have some perks, don't you think? Sorry about the toe, Ice and Elevation (and having Kevin get everything you need) is called for.

Just a little tinkle bell and ring it for Kevin - I'm just enjoying the mental picture!!