Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good old fashioned tree downing

Today we had a celebration in the the family (not the title of this post). Desirae and Tim's little girl, Joslyn was baptised today. After church we all went to Kim and Curt's house to have lunch.

While at their house, we realized that the tree next door was split and we didn't want that part of the tree to fall and do any damage, so the decision was that piece should come off today. Here is the tree before....
Here is Curt getting ready to take off that big branch.

Here is when it first fell off

You can see here it was a big split in the tree and so it took a little more persuading to get it to come all the way off.

Once it was down, the next step was to move it over to the side of the street so that cars could get by.

Here it is all cleaned up....they had 2 trailers of small branches

And a full truck load of bigger pieces that they took to Doug's to dry and then will be firewood next year.

And here is Caelum with the socket wrench, fixing the tree (this isn't the tree that was broken and this was after it was all cleaned up, as you can tell by the street)

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