Saturday, September 5, 2009

Triple Bogey!!!

Desirae and Tim had to take Joslyn to Children’s hospital for some tests, so Kevin and I are watching Caelum overnight.

We are having a lot of fun playing with him. We played all the games in Wii, and with the tractor, and ate some fruit snacks, had a great dinner…but we did have one question for Uncle Steve. We were playing Wii Golf and were wondering if a Triple Bogey was good? Every time Caelum got one we all had to cheer! It was quite funny. Maybe it is only good if you are 3 years old? Or if your name is Jody…she isn’t too good either ;)

1 comment:

Steve said...

The only thing a triple bogey is better than is a quad bogey! But, getting the ball in the hole is always time for a celebration. Glad you had fun!