Friday, September 4, 2009

Pauline's Last Colorado Weekend

So this last weekend was Pauline's last weekend with us. She left here on Monday, and arrived home on Tuesday night, and by Wednesday she was back in school.

For her last weekend we wanted to go to the Mountains again, so we decided to take a trip on the Georgetown Loop Railroad., and then do the mine tour.

While we were waiting for the train to get going, we snapped this picture. I call it "Pouty Pauline" I am sure this is just her being sad she had to go home.

When we got ready to go on the tour of the mine we had to have our hardhats on...notice our gorgeous necklaces, mine is a gift from Pauline.

Here is the three of us at the mine tour.

On Pauline's last day on Sunday, we wanted to make sure she got a chance to do some of her favorite things. She had never driven before, but loved to drive our workhorse cart...she would take it to go get the mail. On Sunday, she helped Kevin by dumping the grass he had from mowing the lawn. This was the first time she drove the cart alone.

Then she had to try out the new lawn mower (I haven't even driven it yet....Kevin says it is because I break them)

After the yard work was done, we went to the park to play basketball

And softball....Pauline loved our trip to the Rockies Game...I think she is a lifelong baseball fan now.

And what trip to isn't complete with out this picture to remember :)

We had a great time with Pauline this summer. We hope she is able to come back sometime, and that we can get a chance to go visit her as well.

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