Sunday, June 5, 2011

Joslyn is two!

 Joslyn's birthday is this week, so today Desirae and Tim had her birthday party.  Their house is really small, so they moved everything around in the garage so we could all sit out there. 

First of course she opened presents.  She was very excited to see what is inside:

Ohhh a bubble shooting bunny!  Thanks Kevin and Jody

Whats next?  Lets see, big brother Caelum wants to know and help too.....

There were lots of great gifts....but Joslyn loves she really loved the scotch tape....can you see it on her nose?

Oh and a new bike from Mom and Dad too!

Riding the new tricycle with tape all over my face. Too Cute

Then of course there was the princess cake.  Great Grandma Jean, found this in a magazine and Desirae made it.  I think Dez did a really great job!

  Blowing out the candle....

And the best part?  Eating it....

Joslyn really cracks us up.  She is just so cute with that smile, she melts your heart.  That also means that she gets away with many things....I can foresee some wonderful terrible two's in Desirae and Tim's future....but she can come visit us anytime to make us laugh.  Happy Birthday Joslyn!

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Steve said...

Great pics and loved the cake - what a blast.