Sunday, June 26, 2011

Working in the Yard

After church on Sunday, it was time to work in the yard, and do housework and laundry.  Florian helped Kevin in the yard.  He helped cut down weeds:

Then it was time for the field and cutting the grass in the field.  So Kevin got started on the tractor first.

Then he let Florian have a turn driving the tractor. 

Florian thought driving the tractor was a lot of fun so he wanted us to do a short video to show at home. 

He only drove the tractor for a few minutes, then Kevin took back over. 

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Steve said...

We worked in the yard Sat/Sun. It was in the high 60's Sat and low 70's yesterday. We've only had one other weekend this year where the temp for both days was over 70. We don't get excited about doing yard work in the rain and cold.

Glad you got yours done and that you are enjoying the heat. Hope you BBQ afterward.