Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brush Oktoberfest

Well this post is old, but I am just getting around to putting up some pics.  Kevin and I made it to the Brush Oktoberfest this year.  Now, this is a small event, across a few blocks and in conjunction with a car show.  But the Oktoberfest here, is really a family event with booths of food, things for kids to do and just a tiny Beer Garden....

They have a tent with various things happening.  Here is a ...umm....ok I will just say it, and Old lady dance group showing off the "Chicken Dance"

A view of all the booths.....
 And this?  Well not sure how Sicilian Snacks fit into Oktoberfest, but it looks like it didn't stop people from trying out the food. 

Since this is a small town event, and not very big, we spent about an hour there, but as you can see it was a gorgeous day and a great way to get out on a Saturday. 

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