Monday, October 31, 2011

First snow of 2011/2012

While I was out of town for work, the first snow of the season hit us here in Colorado. Luckily it was not a major storm and didn't cause me any trouble getting home. Because the trees had not lost all their leaves yet, there was quite a bit of damage in some areas, but we did not have any at our house since Jody went out and knocked the snow off.

However, it did provide us with some nice pictures. So here they are

During the storm on Wed

Thursday Night

Thursday Night
By Saturday the snow was basically gone, except for the shaded areas. So that is the start of the season, and it looks like we'll have more in the next day or two.


Jody said...

What Kevin didn't tell you all, is that Monday before this storm we had record highs of 80 degrees, and then this snow storm on Wednesday, what a change.

Steve said...

Glad you made it home OK, pics look great.