Monday, July 9, 2012

Union Station and other fun

After the WWI Museum, we went over to Crown Center, walked around a little, had lunch and then headed over to Union Station.  I really loved this building, it was HUGE, but so elaborate...

We did go to the Titanic Exhibit.  I believe this travels around the country, so if you get a chance to see it, it is worth it.  When you go in they give you a boarding pass of someone who was on the Titanic.   You learn a little about them, whether they are married or not, they occupation, and what class they traveled in.  Throughout the tour, you learn about how people in each class lived on the boat, etc...then at the very end you learn whether "you" lived or died.  Very powerful...Unfortunately pictures are not allowed inside, so you have to take our word for it...or go see it yourself.

Also in Union Station, was a small free exhibit of model trains....

After spending the day roaming about, we decided to drive "all" the way back to Kansas to Kansas City Kansas and go to dinner at the Yard House.  I had a gift card from my birthday, so it seemed perfect. 

Kevin had a steak sandwich

I had the (Mac + Cheese) squared. 
Both were really good, though very big and we couldn't finish it all.  After dinner we walked around the shopping center there for a bit....and so I found a statue...

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