Friday, July 6, 2012


We finally got to go on a short vacation.  We took time off work (June 18- 21), and headed out on a road trip. 

First stop?  The welcome center in Kansas....(ok bathroom break)  :-)
As we were driving along I-70, we saw a sign for the OZ Museum.  Kevin looked it up, it had good reviews so we pulled off the interstate and took a slight detour to Wamego KS.

This was a really nice little town, very nice downtown area, some shops and cool buildings, and that day, just some old cars.

We enjoyed the Museum of everything OZ....

I love the Cowardly Lion......

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" ...... at least I don't often...(just kidding Kevin)
After the museum, we walked down the street and into the OZ Winery....we had some samples, and we bought some "Squished Witch" wine.  It was a fun detour on our way across Kansas. 

We ended our first day as we went across the Kansas Turnpike, and into Missouri, to stay in Kansas City. 


Holly said...

There are vineyards in Kansas? Or do they ship in grapes for the wineries? Either way, hope you enjoyed the Squished Witch! You vacation looked fun :)

Jody said...

HI Holly, I don't think there are vineyards in KS. One of the things Kevin and I learned a few years ago, while wine tasting in CA, is that every state produces wine, but most do ship in grapes. More vaca pics coming soon! Kevin let me see your pics with Matt....sigh....I so want to travel and HP must have been amazing!