Thursday, May 8, 2008

Surfing and Driving

About a year ago we got a Sprint Broadband card so that we could have some kind of internet when we were traveling for Jody's dissertation work. We've also found that we could go from Longmont to Fort Morgan and stay on the internet and one of us could work while the other drove. We've done this on numerous occasions. With either Jody or I on the phone and then doing email as well. I almost had to give a presentation this way once, but luckily that fell through.

Here is Jody working in the car

So last night we went to get adjusted by Dr. Kari. Jody did some email for awhile but things for her were kinda slow. And so she went to the NBC website and started watching Monday nights Tonight Show with Jay Leno. So we got to watch (well, I listened as I drove) to the monolog and headlines (which is one of my favorite bits of Jay's). It was a little choppy at times but it did work.

Hereeeeees, Jay Leno!

Yup that is right, we were using millions of dollars of technology (when you count the cell network) to watch TV on the road.

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