Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Behind the Apron

So here is a fun little questionnaire for those who like to cook.

Who has been the biggest influence on your cooking? My mom, Kevin, and cooking shows and magazines. I learned how to cook from my mom, have gotten many yummy recipes from cooking shows and magazines, and Kevin is always asking for something new, and never complains when it just isn’t good. :)

What is your favorite dish to cook…your signature dish? BBQ ribs. I don’t make them often as they take 3 days to make. I do it all from scratch, the rub and the BBQ sauce.

What was your biggest cooking disaster? Soapy Sausage…college mistake…only Kari and Ralyn know the truth….

If you could travel to another country just to taste their cuisine, where would you go? Italy. I love Italian food

What is something you have never cooked, but would like to try? A chocolate souflee. Just because it would be a challenge…and, they’re good.

What do you consider the 5 most essential ingredients you keep in your kitchen? Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper (is that one or two?), Garlic, Onions, chicken.

What is comfort food to you? Lots of things… mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, potato chips, you know starchy things

What are the ideal toppings for pizza? Fresh Mozzarella, prosciutto, red onions, garlic, red sauce…or if I want white pizza: garlic sauce, red onions, chicken, bacon, mozzarella

What kitchen utensil/gadget can you not live without? This is hard as I can make do with almost anything. However, I would say my Santoku knives. I have a couple, and I use them almost for every meal.

So who is behind your apron?

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