Friday, June 4, 2010

Corn tortillas....chips

So, I did it. I made the corn chips. First I made the "dough" corn masa mix and water....made balls a little larger than golf balls. Now, I don't have a tortilla press, and I really think it would have been easier with one. Instead I opened up a large ziploc bag and "smashed" them inside. Actually at this part,Kevin was much better than I was...I had sticking issues ;-)

Next I cooked them in a cast iron skillet.

They were really good at this point and would have made excellent enchiladas....but Kevin likes corn chips, so next I cut them into "chips" and fried them. Here they are waiting on the fryer...

And cooling after being fried.....

We had a taco/nacho bar, beans, cheese, taco was fun.

So my analysis? Well, I enjoyed the experience. But really they were a lot of work. And given that they are so inexpensive to buy....I probably won't be making them (the tortillas) again soon.

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