Friday, June 4, 2010

Neighbors moving in

Sometimes a neighbor moves in and you just are sure you are going to like them. Nothing against them personally but you aren't sure if they will make good neighbors.

Yesterday, Kevin was in the yard doing some mowing and he came across this bull snake making himself a home.

Yes his head is in the hole, I think he was digging. It seemed to take him hours....sometimes he would be much farther in. Then late last night, we went out, and you can hardly tell where he was, the hole was covered up and he was gone. So did he move in or not? I don't know.

I have mixed feelings about this neighbor...he will eat mice and moles. A bull snake also will kill a rattle snake. Now we haven't seen any rattle snakes here, but we know they are in the given that, this little bull snake, may make a good neighbor. The catch, his new "home" was right by the sidewalk and the dog run. May be too close to my house..... Sigh. I guess I will watch for him more closely now when I am outside.

UPDATE: Saturday June 5, in the morning I was outside with Deogi...we were looking for bunnies to chase (one of her favorite pastimes), and she found the snake....curled up, hissing, ready to strike at her, right underneath our bird feeders (about 4 feet from where I was sitting on a rock). So I think I have a new neighbor. Will have to be careful when the kids come to visit.

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Steve said...

Some neighbors do take some getting used to - and training to get along with. Hope Deogi is a quick learner!