Monday, March 31, 2008

Mondays are Bad

So today is Monday. I don't like Mondays. I think they are evil. :)

After being out of the office Wed - Fri last week for the conference and then moving all weekend. I don't think it is hard for you all to imagine how behind I am. Not to mention this was my second conference this month!

So I spent the day catching up on emails, helping faculty, dealing with student issues, dealing with instructor issues, and proofing an entire course for College Algebra! Fun for me :) I may have to work tonight....I started at 6:30 am today and it is now 5:30 pm and I am still at it.. I think I will take a break for dinner and then try to do a little more. I must get caught up because I am out of the office on Friday again.

The bright side...only 3 more days of work this week! :)

Hope you all had a great Monday!

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