Monday, September 5, 2011

3 for 1 Review

Ok, I gotten a little behind on my chocolate posts. So I'm going to post about 3 bars I have recently tried (the sad part is that I have about 6 more bars waiting to be tried). Anyway, the three I am going to talk about here are the Milka Noisette bar, the Ritter Sport Joghurt bar, and the Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with a la Mousse au Chocolat. These are three very different bars and I have to say that I enjoyed them all.

The Milka Noisette is similar to the Alpenmilch bar, but with the addition of Hazelnuts to the bar.
Like the Alpenmilch bar, it was very smooth and had a good flavor. I've moved to keeping the bars in the refrigerator so that they don't melt as quickly, and that turned out to be a good choice for this bar.

The Ritter Sport Joghurt bar has almost a cheese cake like filling in the bar. I found this bar to be quite good.
I don't think Jody's Dad cared for it much since he doesn't like yogurt, but in my opinion it didn't really have a yogurt taste to it. I would purchase this on again, if I were able to find it.

The final bar is the Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with a la Mousse au Chocolat. A really long name for a candy bar. I found this bar at World Market and Target, so I thought since I am trying other Ritter Sport bars, I might as well try this one. I thought this was a good bar, but Jody didn't care for it much.
This bar had the dark chocolate, with a creamy center, and I just don't think that Jody cares for that. However, I would definitely get this bar again. Very smooth texture with the bite of dark chocolate.

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