Friday, September 9, 2011

Ritter Sport - Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes

When I first saw this bar it really intrigued me. One of my favorite cookies is one called Flaky Flix, unfortunately they are no longer made.
They were a chocolate wafer cookie, covered in chocolate and then rolled in cornflakes. Very light chocolate snack and I could eat a box of them without even trying. In fact I recall my Mom limiting how many sticks I could have at a time.

So anyway back to the chocolate bar from Ritter Sport, which I found at Target and World Market.

This is a great chocolate bar. Everyone here at the house loved it and wished that I had bought more than one of them. So next time I am at Target I'll probably stock up. I definitely recommend this bar as it has a good flavor and a little crunch to it.


Holly said...

I got so excited when I saw the picture of Mother's Flaky Fudge Sticks! I miss them too.

Steve said...

Thanks for posting about the bars as I'm alwasy looking for new ones.