Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fort Morgan Museum

On Tuesday night we decided to go to the Fort Morgan Museum.  Oddly enough Kevin had never been and it had been years and years and years since I had been.

 I tell ya, Kevin never follows directions....

The museum does a nice job talking about the history of the area

There was a large section on Glenn Miller

The soda fountain

Kevin again not following directions...though in this case, I don't think it was the sign he wasn't supposed to touch.

Downstairs they have an area about aviation in Colorado and some "discovery" items for kids, so that meant we HAD to play.  

Here I am learning to fly and reading the manual 

Pauline wanted to give it a try, too, but we were about to crash and we were afraid....

I think we were lost, I couldn't figure out the map (maybe because it was upside down)

Pauline decided to go on a moon walk with moon boots and everything

It was a fun way to end the work day and spend an hour or so. 

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