Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heading home... :-(

So the day arrived.  Time for Pauline to go home.  7 Weeks actually went by very fast.  Granted we were busy with Chicago and Kevin's graduation, a trip to Oregon, stuff around here, but you when she arrives you think, we have a long time together...7 weeks.  Then all of a sudden you turn around and the day to head home is here.

We took Pauline to the airport Sunday Morning, she had an early flight out of DIA, to LGA, then change airports to JFK, and her flight to Berlin.  Yes that is a crazy schedule but she made it just fine. 

Here she is going through security...

All clear and ready to go to her gate...

Down the escalator and to the train.  We had to just wave goodbye here.  
It was a really great visit and wonderful to see her again after two years.   We hope she had a wonderful time here again, and that she visits us again soon.  Though she said, she thinks it is our turn to go visit her....Hmmm I think that would be super...we must start planning.

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Holly said...

I think that would be super too! Ukraine is only about 2 countries east of Germany! :)