Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fixed the Tractor

Well on Monday I called the local John Deere place and they happened to have a drive belt for the tractor. So Jody's parent went and picked it up. So Monday afternoon I tore apart the bottom of the tractor to get everything out of the way to get the belt in. The guy at JD who designed this thing ought to be taken out back, way to much stuff to take out to replace a part that is gonna break. I got 90% of the way there and got stuck, so I had to ask Doug, and he came over on Tuesday and figured out how to get the belt in. Took him like 5 mins. Anyway after that I finished up putting the thing back together, and I didn't even have any parts left over. So I took the mower out and did a couple of laps before the rain came... I'm never gonna get this yard mowed...

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