Saturday, June 6, 2009

Outside day

Today (Saturday) was an outside day for us, you know that big room off the house with the bright light that is on part of the time. And yes mom we put on suncreen, I had on SPF 55 and still got a little sun. Anyway, today we went over to Doug's and got the garden cleaned up and did some planting. We planted sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, tomatos, squash, cabbage, lettuce, jalapenos and carrots. And there was already onions, rhubarb and mint from last year growing. So we thinned things out, got rid of the weeds, and finally did the planning. Doug then got the watering started. So wish us luck on our crop.

After that Jody and I came home and worked in the yard. I ran the smaller mower and Jody ran the big mower until she broke it. Actually the drive belt broke cause it was just worn out. So gotta get that replaced now.

Yup, that is Jody out in the yard making big cloud of dust. Luckily we had the other cart so we could tow the mower up to the house. And not have to push it up the hill.

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Steve said...

Love this shot. Does the same place the puts tire on the truck also have the belt for the lawn mower?