Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tornados near the Ridge

So on Saturday Jody and I decided to go out for dinner and movie. So we went to Mavericks, for dinner and that was good. After that we decided to go see "Up". So we went to the theater and found our seat, the lights went down and the previews started going. Everything is going well, next thing you know that lights come back up and the previews stop. Jody and I look at each other and say "great, something is broke". The manager of the theater comes in and announces to the 10 of us, that there is a tornado warning and asks us to come to the lobby.

Once we go down to the lobby we can hear the warning sirens and someone says that 3 tornadoes have touched down by the airport. Since we live less than a mile from the airport we ask the manager if we can get passes and she says yes and we head home. On the way home there are State Patrol blocking the road about 3 miles from our house, but they don't even stop us as we drive right on thru.

We get home and everything looks normal but the dogs are a little jittery. So since we are home we decided to stay home for the night and watch some TV. But then another storm comes thru and disables the satellite system (due to the rain) and we get hard rain, wind and light hail for about 15 mins. The hail would hit the deck and the wind would blow it around. Scary, but everything is ok and the TV came back.

We then get the paper on Monday and find this article. Come to find out, there were no tornadoes that touched down and that it was all just a precaution. But we did find out in that article that the Storm Chasers where here again as someone took a picture of the "tank" Sunday morning. It is June in Colorado, which is when we get the majority of our severe weather.

But on the bright side with all this rain, everything is really green and pretty and afterwords the air smells so nice and clean.

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Holly said...

Goodness gracious! That was an exciting night. I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!