Friday, June 26, 2009

San Antonio.... the Animals

We arrived in San Antonio on Thursday night, so Friday morning we got up and took the bus to Sea World.

First up .... Feeding and petting the dolphins....

We also watched a couple of shows.....

This guy sat for over and hour (I know I could see him from our seats at the show above). That sun must have felt really good to me...100 degrees and 80% humidity was too hot.

Of course there is the Shamu show. I remember seeing the original Shamu in San Diego as a kid. It is still just as amazing. These are such beautiful and powerful creatures.

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to ride a whale like this. I guess I should have studied marine biology instead of education....

Do you see 3 tails waving at you?

On Sunday we went to the Zoo. This is a really old zoo it is about 95 years old. I love big cats and so here is picture of the one I wanted to take home..... I keep asking Kevin if I can have one....he always says no :(

We were walking along this walkway and this zoo guy comes up and he has a 5 gallon bucket and he says "you guys have a camera" well of course we did. So he said "get it ready" He had a bird that had died and he was going to feed it to this Alligator.

It really was hot in San Antonio, but we enjoyed getting outside and of course just relaxing and spending time together.

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