Friday, June 26, 2009

San Antonio....the River Walk

We spent a lot of time walking along the river walk. The evenings were great and there were a lot of people there. Here is a view of the city skyline from our hotel balcony

Looking down to the river from our hotel balcony

This is Marriage Island. This is a very small island on the river. They say there are over 200 weddings a year here. There wasn't a wedding today, but it really is a nice place.

It is supposed to be good luck to get married on this island. So for sure it is good luck to have your picture taken on your 10th wedding anniversary....

This is from the boat ride on the river. The colorful umbrellas is the restaurant Casa Rio where we had a great dinner.

Another picture from the boat...the umbrellas here are from the "Republic of Texas" where we had lunch.

Isn't it serene here?

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Dolores said...

Sorry I missed seeing the two of you when you were here.:( Glad you had a wonderful anniversary trip. San Antonio looks like a fun place to visit. Ten years what a milestone!