Friday, June 26, 2009

San Antonio.... the Food

What trip is complete without good food and drink? San Antonio was no different.

We had dinner at Casa Rio on Friday night....this is the oldest restaurant on the river walk. And it was packed....the food was great....

I had cheese enchiladas....

Kevin had green chicken enchiladas.... notice the margaritas.....when in San Antonio.....

Homemade chips and salsa

For one afternoon we had lunch at the Republic of pictures...why? Well we were sitting outside by the river....we said "lets take a picture..." the food came...and we dug pictures :) There are pictures on the can check it out there. LOL
We also decided we wanted to have a really good dinner out. A romantic dinner if you will....we needed to celebrate our 10 years of wonderful marital bliss.... so we decided to go to The Little Rhein Steak House....again no pictures...but you know there are some places taking out your camera to take a picture just does not seem appropriate. :)
Kevin had a cesear salad, the petit filet, and Chocolate Cake
I had the Beef steak tomatoes with red onion and blue cheese, the filet with gulf shrimp and finished up with Creme Brulee.
We also shared a bottle of Texas Wine. what a great dinner, and the company was even better.

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