Friday, July 8, 2011

Everyone's Favorite - Italian Nachos

We are lucky in that we have found a food that everyone in the family and all of our students have liked...Italian Nachos. What are Italian Nachos? Well they are a twist of Mexican Nachos. The idea is to use really thin pasta chips instead of corn chips, a white Italian sauce instead of nacho cheese, and then the normal add-ons of chicken or sausage, jalapenos, olives, onions, etc..

Jody has found that using wanton wrappers and then cutting them into triangles works best for the chips. She then fries them to get a light crispy chip.

It takes a lot of wantons to make a batch of chips
The white cheese sauce . Jody was very careful not to add spices to it since Florian doesn't care for spicy food.
Unfortunately, Florian would not even try the sauce and so he missed out of some of the flavors.

The finished product
This is something that we make by request because everyone likes it, even though it is a lot of work.

PS...Pauline, we know you have already requested this when you visit us again later this summer, we can make them again later in August.


Florians Mum said...

Don't be sad. Florian is not very curious for testing foods. Sometimes we forced him and then he said. Why haven't I tasted this early it is very good. For me it looks very delicious. Thanks for so much working and making things for Florian.
Please be patient with my mistakes. I'm writing in a foreign language and a foreign laptop that doubles my mistakes.

Jody said...

Your writing is very good. You do not need to worry, we don't write anything in German LOL. We have been successful in a few foods getting Florian to try. I think there would be many things he would like (as they are similar to other things), if he would just try :-) I think that is common for kids, to be nervous about food. If he would try things and then not like them, I think that is OK, the difference is trying. He really liked our Pepperoni pizza, but at home he said Pepperoni was too spicy, so we do try to remind Florian, there may be other things that taste different here. I told him I really wanted to go to Germany and try everything, even though I know I may not like it, just to say I tried.

Florians Mum said...

You are right. So you are testing the chocolate bars without any fear and in danger to get one like Pfirsich-Maracuja ;o)))