Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Florian Cooks!

On Monday night, Florian made Schnitzel for us.  

First he breaded the meat....

And then he cooked it in a pan.

I made some noodles, salad, and strawberries to go with it.  It was fun to try something new, that Florian could share with us. 


Florians Mum said...

no comment how it tastes? I think Florian's schnitzel tastes good, no peanuts but from good old austria.

Kevin DeKorte said...

Well it tasted ok. We had to cook it some more as Florian made it a little undercooked for pork. But after that it was good.

Florians Mum said...

It's a boy and I'm proud that he is able to cook Schnitzel and scrambled eggs and noodles and he can heat several kinds of pizza