Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fort Morgan

So you would think one of the first things we would do when Florian got here would be to go to our famous Rainbow Bridge and see the park.  But nope, we have been really busy going to lots of different places and while we cross the bridge a lot, we haven't ever stopped by.  So Saturday afternoon, since we were home most of the day, we went down and walked around.  It was HOT about 100 F (38C) outside.

This past winter the mountains had a lot of snow, and we have had an unusual July (more rain than normal), so the river is really high right now,

We brought Stormy along too, she loves to go for walks...but she thought it was hot too....so we rested in the shade. 

So while Florian goes home this week, we finally made it to the edge of the bridge, so he could have a "Welcome to Fort Morgan" picture.


Florians Mum said...

Thanks for the welcome picture. We can change the date and it will fit. But the river looks a little bit dangerous, as if the water level is very high. What will be in autumn when it rains?
Poor stormy. I hope you had some water for her to sip.

Jody said...

We had water for all of us when we got back to the car. We rested in the shade for a bit, had a drink, and then came home and rested in the cool air conditioning.

The river is high, but it is very wide, so it can actually have much more water. Soon all the snow melt off will be done, and with the high temperatures the farms will use the water, so by fall with a few rains and more snow, the river should be fine.