Saturday, July 9, 2011

So :-(

Tuesday we had the TV on during dinner watching the news, we were cleaning up doing the dishes, and the TV just went we are very sad....

The old TV in better days
Kevin thinks it might be a fuse or a capacitor on the power board in the display, so hopefully it can be repaired.

We moved it out, but of course it will be a little bit before we find a new one, so we put in my big monitor....but for some reason 24" looked bigger on my desk than in the entertainment center....

The one nice thing about modern computer displays is they use many of the same technologies as TVs (HDMI etc). So all Kevin had to do was plug in a couple of cables and it all worked, even if it is rather small the picture is nice and clear.

Kevin took the TV into town and we are lucky, they were able to fix it!  Yay!  So now we are back to the bigger screen!

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Florians Mum said...

Cute screen. But here in the Condo is a screen only 19 ''. But we don't need him because we not really understand french TV ;o)))
Happy that your TV can be repaired