Friday, April 25, 2008


So I read the PhD comics. They are designed for those who are grad students on campus...but many things hold very true.

I check in frequently, but here are a couple of older ones:

This one is about writing your thesis title. What is funny is while I have a title for my dissertation, it was approved only as a "tentative" I have no idea what my title is when I get done.....assuming I get done.

This one is about making an outline. This is very true, and just this week when I sent in my chapter 4 to my advisor, I had a plan for my chapter 5....ok, well I had some random thoughts...I hope he goes for it.

Speaking of my advisor...I don't have any news on that front...I haven't contacted him is one of those things, I am hoping goes away...I guess I will need to face it eventually.

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