Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun with the dogs

I finally got all the pictures off the camera and so I can now write about how we took the dogs (Deogi and Stormy) to the house and let them play in the yard. Now Spring hasn't quite made it to Colorado yet, a couple of more weeks and things should start turning green we hope.

We have about 100yds in the back yard to throw the ball and so we got the Chuck-It (if you have a dog and don't have one of these, get one) and just started letting it loose. Deogi was in heaven as playing fetch for her is the best thing ever. However, in this picture Stormy actually got the ball.

On the property we also have an irrigation ditch that runs along the bottom. It does not always have water in it, but today it was pretty full. I believe it was about 4ft deep and probably 15ft across. As you can see it was a nice, clear day out and was actually pretty warm, in the high 70s.

More pictures of them acting crazy can be found where we keep our pictures.

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Slave to the dogs said...

Our dogs would be in heaven there.