Monday, April 28, 2008

Picking stuff for the new house

Jody and I and her parents went to the store to pick out tile and carpet for the whole house. And while we don't have the carpet picked yet we did make some progress on other areas.

This is what we picked for the master bathroom. Corian counter tops, tile floor (18x18) and tile in the tub and shower (12x12). And then we'll be using the deco strip as the sink back splash and randomly at a 45 degree, 3" square randomly around the room.

For the guest bath we are going for a 'French/European theme'. We'll use the tile for the shower, the formica for the countertop and the accent piece for the backsplash and in the shower.

This is the vinyl we are going to use in the laundry room, the guest bath and in the bar area downstairs. The lighting in the picture is really bad, it is not quite this yellow.For the kitchen we are having oak floors, HiMac countertops (like Corian), black Bosch appliances, and browish glass subway tiles for the backsplash. The cabinets are also oak in a natural finish.

Finally, for the bathroom that Jody's parent will be using we picked this. Again, we'll use the accent piece randomly on the walls and for the backsplash.

So we went with a lot of neutral, earth tones.


Slave to the dogs said...

What? No Mickey Mouse bathroom? I liked that!

Jody said...

It is there....we didn't take a picture of that....It will be set up basically the same. We will have a black formica counter top, white tile, with random red, black and yellow tiles, and then we will decorate with cool Mickey stuff!!