Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yummy Lunch

So yesterday we went to Greeley to look at flooring, tile and countertops for the new house (see other post about this soon). We got to town a little early and so we went to Starbucks for coffee.

After a fun 4 hour event...and we left very tired and hungry. So we decided to go get a late lunch at the Olive Garden. It was Yummy! It was Kevin and I, and my parents. We decided to order 3 meals and then the 4 of us would share them all. It was A LOT of food, we all ate, and still had enough left over for my parents to have at lunch today. Anyway, just for are the picks.... did I do?


April said...

Good job :) food looks yummy! Where are the pictures of you/Kev and your parents at lunch?

Jody said...

Well, you already saw a picture of me...You can see my mom in one of the pics....Kevin was behind the camera so you have to take that up with him. Hee hee.